Our Philosophy

“Islamic education stresses the sacred duty to
Acquire and promote Knowledge.
It highlights the Huquq Allah (Rights of God)
and the Huquq ul-Ibad (Rights of Humanity)
As Respectful Dialogues within the Ummah and with Others.
Islamic education offers a holistic system
By Promoting Intellectual Inquiry, Physical Health,
Spiritual Enrichment and Social Harmony.”

Our Philosophy

The closing decades of the 20th century foresaw the immigration of large numbers of Muslims to Europe and North America, as well as widespread conversions to Islam among the indigenous populations of these lands, creating the first enduring presence of Islam in the Western World. With such a perceptible Muslim presence in the West, a generation of Muslim children has come to be the possessors of a twofold identity, one that has been fashioned by the progressive and sophisticated culture of their Western homelands as well as the spiritual treasure bequeathed to them by their Islamic heritage. For Muslim parents living in the West, the challenge of presenting the intrinsic veracity of Islamic belief in the face of an often irreligious pop culture can be daunting. Yet it was this very challenge that brought forth the visualization of IQRA’ International Educational Foundation.


IQRA’ is a non-profit institution made up of educators, scholars, and community workers who together possess vast knowledge of the Islamic faith as well as up-to-date educational theories and teaching methods. For the last quarter of a century these committed individuals have been working towards the objective of utilizing modern instructional methodologies to teach aspects of the Islamic faith to children from pre-school to high school and beyond.

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