Our Mission


Our Mission

IQRA’s mission is to translate the command revealed to Prophet Mohammad (s) into practical reality by producing comprehensive, integrated, and systematic Islamic education that utilizes quality literature, and training programs for teachers, school administrators, parents and all members of the community.


Our Vision

If there is one phrase that encapsulates the vision of IQRA’ International Educational Foundation it is, “Read in the name of your Lord Who created.” (Surah al-‘Alaq 96:1). This revelation which descended upon the Prophet Muhammad (S) over 1,440 years ago is what infuses IQRA’s goal to cultivate a community of excellence with strength of spirit and professionalism. “Read!” is a Divine instruction which IQRA’ takes to heart with the utmost gravity in its determination to globally provide the best possible Islamic education to children and young adults.

Our Core Values

IQRA’ believes that all Muslims have an obligation and responsibility to exhibit the beauty of Islam through education, information, and personal example. It is only through advancing the moral and ethical values taught by all Divine books and Prophets in the hearts of our children that we can ensure a peaceful future for humankind.


IQRA’ believes in assisting teachers, school administrators, parents and members of the community in developing comprehensive educational programs for their children.

IQRA’ believes in the acquisition of excellence in knowledge regarding Islamic beliefs and the Islamic way of life by which the ethical foundations of our families, communities, and nations can continue to arise.

IQRA’ believes in creating unparallel learning environments for our children, by developing a complete system of religious education, staying current with educational practices, techniques and methodologies, and enhancing the quality of Islamic based educational literature.

IQRA’ believes in the importance of undertaking the task of developing sound instructional material, guidelines, and strategies for teachers, administrators, and parents by facilitating professional training and development programs.

IQRA’ believes in the importance of establishing positive interfaith dialogue in order to cultivate peace, harmony, social justice and initiatives across a broad spectrum of communities.


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