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The development of IQRA’s systematic and comprehensive program of Islamic education is the result of the dedication of numerous scholars, educators, and experts in diverse fields of study. Collectively, they have contributed to the writing, research, and design of IQRA’s books, textbooks, curriculum guides, and various educational material.

Aasi, Ghulam Haider
M.A. Islamic Studies (Punjab U.)
Ph.D. (Temple U.)
Professor Islamic Studies,
American Islamic College, Chicago
Specialization: Islamic History, Qur’anic Studies
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Editor, and Religious Reviewer

Abd us-Salam, Shah
Ph.D. Urdu; Ph.D. Islamic Stud. (Lucknow U.)
Professor of Islamic Studies, U. of Lucknow
Specialization: Translations, writing
IQRA’ Project: Translated Sirah Program into Urdu and Hindi

Abdullah, Aslam
M.A. Arabic (Delhi U.) Ph.D. Journalism (London U.)
Editor of Minaret, Los Angeles, California
Specialization: Communication
IQRA’ Project: Writer (Outline of Islamic History, Dictionary of Islamic Terms)

Abdullah, Mohammad Nur
M.A. (Madinah U.) Candidate. for Ph.D. (Chicago U.)
Director/Imam St Luis Islamic Center, St. Luis
Specialization: `Aqidah and Fiqh, Islamic Studies
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Member of Religious Review Team

Ahsan, Abdullah
Ph.D. Islamic History (U. of Mich.)
Professor of Islamic History, Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Specialization: Islamic History
IQRA’ Project: Author (The History of Khilafah ar-Rashidah)

Ali, Dr. Muhammad
Member, Islamic Medical Association
Specialization: Medicine
IQRA’ Project: Founding Member of the Board

Ali, Nilofer
B. A. Education (U. of Illinois)
Teacher, MEC School, MCC, Chicago
Specialization: Elementary Education
IQRA’ Project: Author (History of Al-Khilafa’ Ar-Rashidah Workbook)

Agic, Dr. Senad
Ph.D. (Graduate Theological Foundation, South Bend)
Imam, Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago, Mufti of Bosnian-American
Specialization: Fiqh and Qira’at
IQRA’ Project: Translation of publications into Bosnian language.

Ali, Moazzam
M. A. Islamic studies
Tahrik e Nash e Careen, Karachi, Pakistan
Specialization: Translation
IQRA’ Project: English Translation (Encyclopedia of the Qur’an)

Awadallah, Sheikh Ba Bikr
Ph.D. Islamic Studies, SOAS (London)
Professor of Islamic Studies, Kent U., U.K.
Specialization: Islamic Studies
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Director of Islamic Encyclopedia Project

A’zami, Iqbal
Fadil Darul-Ulum (Deoband)
Director U.K. Islamic Academy, Leicester, U.K.
Specialization: Aqidah and Fiqh
IQRA’ Project: Writer and Translator (Muslim Faith, Place of Sunnah in Islam)

Ba-Hifzallah, Ahmad
Ph.D. Geological Sciences
Secretary, King Abdulaziz U. 1980-85
Specialization: Geological Sciences, Administration
IQRA’ Project: First Coordinator from KAAU, Jeddah to IQRA’

Ba-Sa’d, Abd ur- Rahman
B. A. Graphic Design, Tata Inst.of Art (Bombay)
Art Teacher, Indian Embassy School, Jeddah, S.A.
Specialization: Art and Design
IQRA’ Project: Designer (Educational Charts)

Biscevic, Samir
Academy of Fine Arts (Sarajevo)
Freelance artist
IQRA’ Project: Illustrator (various books)

Busool, Assad
M.A. Islamic Studies (Jerusalem) Ph.D. (U. of Calif., Berkeley)
Prof. of Arabic, AIC, Chicago, USA.
Specialization: Islamic Thought, Arabic Studies
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Author (Good Neighbors and Other Stories, Shapes and Forms of Arabic Letters

Durkee, Noura
M. A. Fine Arts (Princeton U.)
IQRA’ Research Fellow, Virginia
Specialization: Language Editor, Writer
IQRA’ Project: Writer (Stories of the Sahabah series, Workbooks), Language Editor

Delk, Robert C
M.A. (Clark U.), Ph.D. History, (U. of Wisconsin)
Prof. of History, Columbia College
Specialization: Islamic History
IQRA’ Project: Islamic History Vols. I-III

El-Amin, Mildred
B.A. Literature
Freelance writer, speaker and Islamic worker, Chicago
Specialization: family counseling/ writing
IQRA’ Project: writer (The Prophets of Allah, Vol. II)

Gader, Abu Baker
Ph.D. Sociology (U. of Wisc.)
Prof. of Sociology, King A. Aziz U., Jeddah, S.A.
Specialization: Islamic Sociology, Islamic Studies
Iqra’ Project: Coordinator (KAAU) for the Project 1980-83

Ghazi, Bushra Yasmin
B.A. (Bryn Mawr College)
Arabic Language Program Development for the Province of British Columbia,
Canada; Consultant, Arabic Language, Islamic School of B.C.
Specialization: Calligraphy, Language Editing
IQRA’ Project: Editor, Writer (The Art of Arabic Calligraphy, Vols I-VI)

Ghazi, Hamid al-Ansari Ghazi (Late)
Fadil Dar ul Uloom (Deoband)
Foremost journalist, scholar and community worker, Bombay
Specialization: Media, Islamic Government
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Advised to establish IQRA’ as a trust, Donated his library to IQRA’

Ghazi-Ameen, Saba Tasneem
B.A. Graphic Design (U of I) M.A. Interactive Media (New York University)
Specialization: Graphic Design & Interactive Media
IQRA’ Project: Designer IQRA’ Staff 1992, initiated Department of Graphic Design, designed IQRA’ catalogues, Writer (Up and Away with Arabic Numbers), web designer

Ghazi, Suhaib, Hamid
B.A Social Studies & Political Science (University of Redlands, CA); J.D.
(University of Illinois)
Specialization: Editor, writer, law
Iqra’ Project: Writer (Prophets of Allah, Vols. I, II, IV, V), Editor

Hammad, Shaikh Ahmad Zaki

Fadil Al-Azhar, Ph.D. Islamic studies (U. of Chicago)
President, Qur’anic Literacy Institute; Chair, MCC Dept of Education 1977
Specialization: Islamic Studies, Qur’anic Studies
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Religious Review; project started under his chairmanship of the Dept.

Hussaini, Mohammad Mazhar
M.S Food & Nutrition (N. Dakota)
Head Nutritionist, Dept. of Health, Chicago
Specialization: Health and Nutrition
IQRA’ Project: Founding member, Writer (My Little Book of Halal and Haram, The Institution of Fasting in Islam)

Islahi, Abdul Azim
(Fadil Islah ul-Uloom), M.A., Ph.D. Econ. (Aligarh)
Specialization: Islamic Economics, Fiqh and Qur’anic Studies
IQRA’ Project: Consultant (Encyclopedia of Qur’an, Encyclopedia of Aqa’id and Fiqh

Islahi, Sh. Yusuf
Fadil Islah ul- Ulum, India
Editor Zikra, Rampur, India
Specialization: `Aqidah and Fiqh, Islamic Studies
IQRA’ Project: Islamic Shari`ah” Vols. I and II

Khan, Mir Azmath Ali
Dip. in Architecture
Architect FUAD Est., Jeddah, S.A.
Specialization: Islamic Architecture, Graphics
IQRA’ Project: Artist (Islamic Architecture, Masajid Allah)

Kishta, Mohammad (Late)

M.A. (N. Dakota State U.), Ph. D, (U. of Iowa) Governor State U., Chicago.
Specialization: Science Curriculum, Education
IQRA’ Project: Educational Consultant, Chairperson of IQRA’ Educ. Prog. Dev. Committee

Majeed, Malik Abdul
B. A. Graphics and Printing
Director of Graphics, Jandool Printing, Jeddah, S.A.
Specialization: Graphics and Printing
IQRA’ Project: Designer (Islamic Manners [Coloring book])

Nadvi, Ashhad
Fadil Nawat ul-Ulama (Lucknow)
Research Fellow, IQRA’ Intl., Adara al-Ulum al-Qur’an, Aligarh
Specialization: Qur’anic Studies, Fiqh
IQRA’ Project: Encyclopedia of the Qur’an, Encyclopedia of Fiqh

An-Nagger, Amal
B. A. (King Abdul Aziz University); IT project manager, Irfan Hospitals, Jeddah
Specialization: Computer Graphics
IQRA’ Project: Author (Up and Away with Arabic Numbers)

Nassief, Abdullah Omar
Ph. D. Geological Sciences (Stanford U.)
Vice President, Majlis ash-Shura, Saudi Arabia
Specialization: Geological Sciences, Islamic Studies
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Guide, and Inspiration

Nyang, Sulaiman
Ph.D. History
Prof. African Studies, Howard University, Washington D.C.
Specialization: African American History
IQRA’ Project: Islam in North America, Chiarperson of Program Development

Quraishi, Rajaullah
M.E Eng. (Purdue U.)
Chief Eng. City of Chicago; President, MCC 1979-83
Specialization: Civil Eng., Organization
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Sirah Program published under Chairmanship

Quraishi-Ahmed, Huda
B.S. Biological Sciences, B.A. Applied Psychology (U. of IL)
Specialization: Editing, Organization
IQRA’ Project: Editing, Organization & Management of Ed. Program, Developed dept., Compiled dept. training manual

Rahman, Gul
M. Sc. Geography, (U. of Karachi)
Cartographer, U of Iowa
Specialization: Cartography
IQRA’ Project: Co-Author (Geography of the Muslim World)

Rahman, Mushtaqur Rahman
Ph. D. Geography
Professor of Geography, U. of Iowa
Specialization: Geography
IQRA’ Project: Co-author (Geography of the Muslim World)

Saleem, Mohammad Abdullah
Fadil Dar ul-Ulum (Deoband)
Head of Dar ul-Ulum, MCC, Chicago; Chairman, Majlis as-Shura, Institute of
Islamic Education
Specialization: Tajwid, Ifta’
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Religious Reviewer

Saleem, Obaidullah
Fadil Dar ul Uloom, (Deoband)
Teacher Islamic Studies, College Preparatory School, Chicago
Specialization: Fiqh, Qur’anic Studies
IQRA’ Project: Religious Reviewer

Shamsuddin, Mir Ph.D.
Professor, Northwestern U., Chicago
Specialization: Biological Sciences, Muslim Youth Training
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Initiator of the Project

Siddiqi, Muzammil
M.A. Islamic Studies, Madinah U.; Ph.D. Study of Religion (Harvard), Fadil
Nadvah al-`Ulama’ Director, Islamic Society of Orange County, South California
Specialization: Comparative Religion, Qur’anic Studies.
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Religious Reviewer

Yamani, Mohammad Abdo
Ph.D. Geological Sciences
Chairman, IQRA’ Charitable Society and IQRA’ International, Chicago
Specialization: Geological Sciences, Sirah, Islamic. Lit.
IQRA’ Project: Consultant, Friend, Guide and Philosopher; Author (A Boy from Makkah)

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