Test Administration Documents

In order to properly administer the Islamic Studies Standardized Tests (ISST) to your students it is important that instructors take the time to carefully review testing guidelines and procedures. Documents include a Coordinator’s Manual and a Test Administration Instructions. These manuals can be downloaded and printed by clicking the links below. It is important that instructors responsible for administering the tests familiarize themselves with testing guidelines one to two weeks before scheduled tests dates.

Upon completion of the standardized tests school administrators are responsible for collecting and returning completed answer documents to SME for data analysis and scoring. By closely following the instruction for returning answer documents your school can ensure a quick and smooth process for receiving student scores. Documents include: ISST Building ID Sheet, ISST Class ID Sheet, Info on Returning Documents Pg. 1 of 2, and Info on Returning Documents Pg. 2 of 2. These manuals can be downloaded and printed by clinking the links below.

Curriculum Standards – PDF Documents for Download

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