School Consulting


Effective school leadership is an integral part of maintaining productive schools and advanced educational outcomes. Consequently, continual learning is incumbent on school leaders.



Strong Leaders Must Encompass:


• A Vision of Learning and Leadership

• A Developed Islamic School Culture

• A Well Managed Organization

• An Interaction with the External School Environment


District 786 Can:


Provide your school with expertise leadership at your fingertips— year round— with our highly qualified veteran educators. Below are some of the theoretical and practical aspects of the school that our consultants can provide to your institution:

  • Decision Processing and Decision Making
  • Systematic Planning for School Improvement
  • Creating an Islamic Learning Climate and Culture
  • Professional Growth and Development
  • Staffing the School: Recruitment, Selection and Termination Process
  • Restructuring the Deployment of School Faculty
  • Combining Substance and Style
  • Improving School Curriculum
  • Promoting Student Success
  • Encouraging Special Students/ Providing Special Services
  • Creative Scheduling
  • Building School Community
  • Technology Application for School Administrators
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Students and Staff Budgeting, Fiscal Accounting, and Building Management

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