Agency Accreditation


Preparation for state and private school accreditation provides a school with National and International Recognition- Accreditation is designed to help educational institutions boost their ongoing performance efforts for the benefit of their students. Students deserve excellence in education and institutions deserve recognition for exceeding set standards.


We offer the School Community



Peer Support

Professional Development

Framework for Improvement

Transferability of Student Credits

Funding Accessibility for Student and School


Official Validation

District 786 consultants offer Support, Resources and Guidance for schools seeking official validation– by working in tandem with public and private accrediting agencies.  The process is designed to guide schools in assessing and prioritizing barriers to learning for both State and Federal Accountability Systems. These agencies work to provide and coordinate documentation of successful school improvement practice.


Consultants Focus On:


• Managing Student Affairs

• Curriculum and Instruction

• Vision, Mission, and Values

• School Improvement Planning

• Administration and Leadership

• Physical Facilities and Equipment

• Personnel Policies and Procedures

• Data Organization and Management

• Organization Culture and Climate

• Stakeholder and Community Relationships

• Accountability and Management of Finances

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