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Fasting and Zakah

Grades: 6-8

Subject: Social Studies

Time: 30 minutes


Objective: While learning about the holiest month of the Islamic calendar students will learn why Muslims fast and while Muslims give Zakah at the end of the month.



1. Teacher will explain to the students that fasting during the month of Ramadan teaches Muslims what it is like to be poor and hungry. The Muslims realize how the poor must feel every day when their stomachs growl with hunger when they are fasting. They become thankful and happy with what Allah ahs given them.

2. Teacher will then talk about Zakah, the money Muslims give at the end of Ramadan. This money is given to the community to help feed orphans, and to help people who do not have any jobs or money.


Activity: Teacher will brainstorm with the students about how they can help their community. For example, maybe the students or the teacher can suggest volunteering at a soup kitchen within their community. Students can collect money and donate it to a charity.

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