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Which Grows Faster? 

Grades: Seventh and Eighth

Subject: Science and Math

Time needed: 40 minutes


Objective: As a result of their schooling,

Students will learn which plants grow faster from seeds, corn, pinto beans, lima beans, or radishes.

Students will learn about the holiest month of the Islamic colander, Ramadan.



At least two seeds of corn, pinto beans, lima bean, and radishes.

One zip log bag ( per child)

One paper towel ( per child)





Read about Zakah to the students. Explain to the students that at the end of this month, Muslims pay Zakah, money that every earning Muslim must give to the community every year.

Explain to the students that they are going to grow various plants throughout this month so that they can sell these plants to raise some money. With the money that they raise they will donate to the community.

As the students are growing the plants they will also determine and record which plant grow faster from seeds, will it be corn, pinto beans, lima beans, or radishes.

First the students will fold the paper towel so that it is about 2” by 5”. Next the students will place the towel inside their baggie all the way to the bottom of the bag. Then the students will place the seeds in the bag towards the bottom. You don’t want to place the seeds all the way to the bottom, leave at least an inch from the bottom of the bag. Last students will attach the baggies to the bulletin board. Students will have to make sure that they keep the paper towel wet.

Everyday students will record the progress of their plants and determine which one is growing faster.

At the end of the month the students will graph their findings and have a plant sale. The money the students collect will be donated to their community.

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