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Ages: 3-5

Time needed: 40 minutes

Subjects: Drama, Writing, Reading / Language Arts



As a result of their schooling, students will learn about the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan.

As a result of their schooling, students will also learn what happens first in the story, what happens second, next and what happens last in the story.



The book, The Three Muslim Festivals , by Aminah Ibrahim Ali

A large white sheet of paper

Pencils, crayons, markers


Talk to the students about Ramadan. Tell them that they are going to learn about the holiest month for Muslims. Read the first story Ramadan, in the book The Three Muslim Festivals, by Aminah Ibrahim Ali.

After reading the story ask the students the following questions. (The teacher should be writing out the answers to the questions on a large sheet of cray paper)

Who are the characters in this story?

What were some of the props that were used, if any?

What happened first in the story?

What happened next in the story?

What happened last in the story?


After answering the questions, tell the students that they are now going to act out the story.

Assign characters to the students.

Ask and have the students set up what part of the classroom should be the house, the Masjid, etc.

After the students act out the story explain to them the next activity that they will be doing.

Students will now write and draw what happened first, next and last in the story. Print out and use the worksheet below.

Activity One: Write out what happened first, next, and last in the story. Draw pictures to go with the writing.

* Note to teachers- if writing worksheet is too small you may wish to enlarge it before printing it out. Or you may just use your own writing paper.


Click here for worksheet

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