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Bar Graph

Grades: 4-6

Subject: Math

Time needed: 30 minutes



1. Students will learn about the holiest month of the Islamic Calendar, Ramadan.

2. Students will learn the importance of bar graphs.



A large white poster board

A piggy bank



Read about Zakah to the students.

After reading the book talk to the students about the importance of Zakah, and how it can help others.

Brainstorm with the students about how they can help their community for the whole month of Ramadan. For ex. Collect money everyday from the students and at the end of the month give the money to various orphanages, etc.

Start a piggy bank and a bar graph and keep track of how much money the class collects at the end of the month. (This can even become a whole school project.)


** Make a similar bar graph to the one below on a large poster board.

Click here for sample bar graph


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