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Numbers and Prefixes

Grades: Seven and Eight

Subjects: Math and Language

Time Needed: 45 minutes


Objectives: As a result of their schooling,

Students will Learn and recognize prefixes that deal with numbers, such as bi, tri, uni, deca, etc.

Students will recognize various shapes with prefixes such as pentagons, triangles, hexagons etc. as well as learn about the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, by reading Ramadan, by Suhaib Hamid Ghazi.

Students will use a dictionary to gather information about various prefixes.



The book Ramadan, by Suhaib Hamid Ghazi

Worksheet #1





1. Teacher will explain to the students that thy will be learning about various shapes as well how to remember the names of these shapes by learning what their prefixes mean. (It may be a good idea for the teacher to already have certain shapes out for the students to see or draw them on the board.

2. Teacher will then draw simple shapes as well as pictures on the board, for ex, triangle, bi, pentagon, octagon etc.

3. The teacher will ask the students if there is an easy way to remember these names. Teacher will also ask them if they see anything different at the beginning or in the end of these words. Explain to the students that sometimes the beginning of the words are called prefixes.

4. Handout worksheet one and a dictionary to each student. Make sure to have them use a number in each definition.

5. Then have students write on the board all the words with prefixes that have numerical meanings.

6. Explain to the students that they can find these shapes all over the place. Have the students look around the class room and see if they point out any of these shapes.

7. Then in conclusion have the students sit down and relax while you read a story about Ramadan to them. Explain to the students what Ramadan is. Have the students pay attention to each page and have them occasionally find various shapes such as triangle, hexagons, octagons etc..

Click here for worksheet

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