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The ninth month of the Muslim lunar year is called Ramadan. It was during Ramadan that Allah swt started revealing the Quran. The Quran is the holy book of the Muslims, just like the Bible is the holy book for Christians and the Torah is the holy book for Jews. Allah (SWT) started revealing the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (S) fourteen centuries ago.

Muslims all around the world eagerly wait for the month of Ramadan to arrive. On the twenty-eight night of the eight-month, called Sha’aban, people scan the skies in the open air, looking for the thin crescent of a new moon. Sometimes the moon is not new on the night of the twenty-eight, it comes out on the night of the twenty-ninth of Sha’aban instead. On the night that they finally see the slender slice of a new moon, people know that Ramadan has arrived.

During Ramadan, Muslims around the world will fast all day long. From dawn, Muslims will not eat or drink anything until the sun is fully set. They don’t put anything in their mouths even gum or cigarettes.

To prepare for a day of fasting, Muslims wake up before dawn, when the sun has not risen yet. Families then get together to eat an early meal called suhur. Muslims are allowed to eat until the break of dawn, at that point they recite a prayer together that states that they plan to fast for the whole day.

Then they wash themselves and perform the first of the five daily prayers called Fajir. Ramadan shows Muslims what it is like to be poor and hungry. It teaches them compassion and patience. Ramadan is more that just a month of fasting. It is a month during which Muslims try to clean and purify their bodies and their minds. Not everyone is required to fast. Old people and the young children are excused from fasting, because their bodies are not strong enough to stay healthy without proper nutrition. People who are sick and people who are traveling are also not allowed to fast. Pregnant women are also excused from fasting, because they need to eat throughout the day to keep themselves and their unborn babies in good health.

When the sun finally, sets the family breaks their fast with a meal that is called Iftar. Muslims start the Iftar by eating a date and thanking Allah for giving them the strength to fast.

During Ramadan, there are special prayers at night called the Taraweeh prayers. Also at the end of Ramadan every Muslim is required to give Zakah, which is money that is used to feed orphans around the world, and to help people who do not have any jobs or money.

Ramadan is the best month for Muslims. They spend great amounts of time with their families and their friends. They give help and hope to those who are having problems. That is what Ramadan is all about.

* Reference- The book Ramadan, Suhaib Hamid Ghazi

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