7th Week – Youth Class by Prof Omer Mozaffar

Following are the video recording of Youth Class which was conducted by Prof. Omer Mozaffar on March-07-2014 at 6-7:15PM Chicago time.

You can also tune-in to our live video broadcast of this same class during the class hours at http://iqrafoundation.com/live-stream/
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Teaching Kids about the Nobel Women in Islam

Author Samana Khan

Did you know that all around the world March is annually recognized as Women’s History Month? During this time students spend several weeks learning about the contributions of women made in history and today. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect Islam to what is being learned in school!

It is important for both our daughters and sons to be knowledgeable about the essential role of women in Islam. By encouraging our children to study pious women throughout history we help establish respect for women, encourage success among young girls, and provide exemplary models of piety and devotion for all. The Qur’an and Hadith cite numerous examples of women that are highly praised by Allah (swt). Make time to study these distinguished women with your kids. Know their historical accounts, pious character, and contributions to Islam.

Study Guides: Printable worksheets and activities

Print (pdf): Fatima (R) Flab Book (for ages 2 – 5)
Print (pdf): Nobel Women Word Search (for elementary age)
Print (pdf): Biography Organizer (for elementary age)
Print (pdf): Internet Scavenger Hunt (for junior high / high school)

Quick Facts for Kids:

• Mariam (R) and Asiya (R) are excellent example of mothers. They gave their child the best care and always trusted in Allah (swt).

• Khadijah (R) is highly respected because of her devotion to her family and contributions to society. Khadijah (R) ran a successful business and provided support and encouragement that Rasulullah (s) needed to start spreading the message of Islam.

• Aisha (R) many remarkable traits. One of them is that she is known to be one of the most knowledgeable women in Islam. She had a great love for learning; in addition to the Qur’an she memorized over two thousand Hadith!

• Fatima (R) was one of the best examples for all human beings. She was the perfect daughter and the perfect example of patience, gratitude, generosity, kindness, and purity.

• Did you know a woman fought in the Battle of Uhud? Al-Ansariya Nusaiba, known for her courage, spirituality, and determination helped spread Rasulullah’s message.

• Question: What are ways or reasons why Muslim women are praised today?

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