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The combined efforts of our global community’s contributions and the hard work and dedication of IQRA’s staff has lead to a multitude of accomplishments that our Muslim society can be proud of. Never before has a community flourished so successfully in such a short amount of time. In an era where not a single Islamic publication was available for our American born Muslim children, your donations ensured that our progeny could grow with an educational system that delivers a standard of excellence.

Past Donations Have:

  • Aided in the establishment of several full-time and weekend Islamic Schools
  • Developed a comprehensive, systematic, and integrated Islamic Education system that is used worldwide
  • Distributed IQRA publications and other Islamic educational material in over 20 countries, including but not limited to: Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, England, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and the U.S.
  • Published over 125 original title books and numerous Islamic material such as art work, charts, graphs, posters, puzzles, and games
  • Assembled over 135 professional scholars, artists, writers, and designers to contribute their knowledge into IQRA publications
  • Designed and implemented over 425 teacher, administrative, and community  training sessions universally

IQRA’ being a non-profit organization it can only carry on so far before beginning to lack the resources needed to continue its devoted programs.

For as little as $10 a month you can help benefit the education of our Muslim Ummah. Remember, helping to provide Ilm (knowledge) is Sadaqa Jariya (perpetual reward)!

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