Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah returns to his Creator

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of IQRA’s devoted and long-time writer, scholar, worker, and dear friend – Mr. Fadel Ibrahim Abdallah. Mr. Abdallah’s passion in life was the Arabic language, and without his tireless efforts we could not have produced our popular IQRA’ Arabic Reader series. Countless children, young adults and grownups have benefited from his lifelong eagerness to promote the language of Islam. We pray that his reward for that endures forever, and that he finds unfailing peace and happiness in the presence of his Creator.


Al-Fatihah for his soul!

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un

Salat ul Janaza will held on Sat, Dec – 5th – 2015 after Zuhr prayer at ICCI

At: Islamic Community Center of Illinois (ICCI)

Zuhr Iqama: 1:00pm – CST

Address: 6435 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60634

Phone: (773) 637-3755

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Dr. Ahmad Sakr returns to his Lord

Dr. Ahmad Sakr returns to his Lordhqdefault

by Dr. Tasneema Ghazi
Executive Director,
IQRA’ International Education Foundation

It is with heavy-heart and tear-filled eyes that the IQRA’ team has to relay the news of the passing of our beloved friend and longtime associate, Dr. Ahmad Sakr. So many beautiful memories of Dr. Sakr and his family pass through my eyes as I think of his time with us as well as the important and inspirational role he played in the founding of many Islamic institutions and centers, such as the first Islamic college in the United States, the American Islamic College of Chicago, the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council, and the Muslim Students Association. In fact, his academic background in nutritional health compelled him to write the first guide to Halal and Haram food products in America, a very valuable tool in those days when the Muslim community was still quite small. The guide was kept close by Muslims making a trip to the grocery stores.

Dr. Sakr’s selfless and continuous travels in establishing Islamic centers, Islamic schools and Da’wah institutes had always impressed me, all the more so since we often ran in to each other at different airports around the nation and Canada. He was regularly invited to help fundraise for different community projects and he did so without compensation. He happily accepted his role in serving communities around the country and beyond.

Dr. Sakr was so involved in offering his sage advice and guidance to individuals facing personal problems, be the Muslim or non-Muslim. Often people would call him about their personal and family problems. I remember the telephone in his Chicago home constantly ringing and Dr. Sakr once having two different phones in his hands trying to comfort two different individuals!

Dr. Sakr’s wife and companion, Mrs. Zuhar Sakr, and children have supported him through the years in his great work. May Allah bless them all!
Once during Fifth International Islamic Education Conference in South Africa many elders of the community mentioned Dr. Sakr as being the inspiration behind all of their work in community building. This is how far-reaching his influence was. He was a man who motivated young Muslims around the world to help build their community.
All of us at IQRA’ are going to miss him dearly. We pray that Allah grant him the highest station in Jannah and give patience to our Sister Zuhar and their family to endure this loss.

“Few hearts are selected to love This song cannot be played on every instrument”

Such was the heart of dear brother, Ahmad Sakr – very special and very generous.

- Letter from Dr Ahmad Sakr to IQRA' 

– Letter from Dr Ahmad Sakr to IQRA’

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Pay Tribute to Dr. Abdul Waheed Fakhri

Alhamdulillah, we have had individuals from around the world share their heartfelt stories and memories of Dr. Mohammad Abdul Waheed Fakhri.  He was a loving family man and a pillar of our community.

If you would like to share your memories of Dr. Fakhri Click Here to leave a comment on our blog or read the wonderful tributes others have shared.


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Memories of Dr. Fakhri

Letter to Her Parents Drs. Abidullah and Tasneema Ghazi

on the Loss of their Dear Friend and Colleague

Dear Abba,

Salaam.  Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un. I wanted to express my condolences to you at the loss of such a dear friend, colleague and collaborator.  I have so many memories of Uncle Fakhry’s kindness, enthusiasm and support for my spiritual and intellectual endeavors, and I always felt glad to know that he was there as a supporter, administrator and steward of your shared aspirations for IQRA.  I was deeply moved that you called me yesterday, the very day of his passing, to share the  news and your experience with him.

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Personal Thoughts on Dr. Fakhri

Personal Thoughts on Dr. Fakhri

From Dr. Shahid Siddiqui

(Member of IQRA’ Executive Board, Fund Raising Committee)

Salamua likum Wa Rehmatullaah

Passing away of Dr. Abdul Waheed Fakhri is a great loss to the Muslim Community. Inna Lillahe wa Inna-Ilehe Rajeoon.


He was a man of great integrity,  honesty and a kind of caring and compassionate personality that was hard to miss. I have had the privilege of working with him at the Iqra as a board of directors that he chaired and soon discovered the ‘Muttaqi’ he was.

Iqra has lost a true leader and we hope that his legacy will continue.  May Allah provide ‘Maghfirah’ and a place for him in Jannatul- Firdaus.

I think we should also celebrate his legacy as a pioneer of education in Chicago Land, and start a scholarship fund, or endowed chair to honor his work. The community has to build on the work of such sincere pioneers.

Shahid Siddiqui, Ph.D.


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Urdu Times Obituary


Dr Abdul Waheed Fakhri passed away.

~ Urdu Times ~  Bureau Report Pakistan Abroad ~


Pakistan Abroad and Urdu Times is Praying for him that

“May Allah accept him. May he forgive his shortcoming and put him in the best place possible. Ameen”


With great sorrow and deep sadness it is announced that Dr Abdul Wahid Fakhri one of the founding figures of IQRA International Educational Foundation Passed away on February 21stDr. Fakhri was one the most prominent Muslim educators of North America and played a pivotal role in establishing, community centers, educational institutions, conducting teacher’s training, offer consultations without ever asking remuneration or favor.

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Memories of Dr. Fakhri

Memories of Dr. Fakhri

from Br Abdul Ghani Desai

Personally, I think that Dr Abdul Waheed Fakhri was a visionary



Dr Abdul Waheed Fakhri sahib, an Educator and Poet came to USA, as an Education Attaché at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC.  He came to Chicago in a car from the Washington DC, driven by Dr Latif, a Professor at the Eastern Illinois University.

He settled in Chicago.  Later, Dr Fakhri sahib, joined with other Muslims from the Chicago Area and established Muslim Community Center of Chicago.  He is a founding member and served as a first President of our beloved MCC.

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