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Ramadan Family Fun

Here are some fun ways to create excitement for your kids

by working together on Ramadan activities.

Ramadan Cookies: Bake Ramadan cookies with your kids using a sugar cookie recipe.  Use either a crescent cookie cutter or make a crescent shape by rolling the dough into small circles and cut each circle in half using only half of a circle cookie cutter.  Decorate the cookies with frosting and sprinkles, then package in boxes with fancy ribbon.  These make great Ramadan gifts for friends, family, teachers, and neighbors.  (also try decorating cakes and cupcakes)

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4th Week of IQRA Quran Class / Surah Al-Imran

Before Maghrib Salat:

After Maghrib Salat:

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3rd Week of IQRA Quran Class / Surah Al-Imran

Before Maghrib Salat:

After Maghrib Salat:

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2nd Week of IQRA Quran Class / Surah Al-Imran

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Teaching Kids about Isra’ and Meraj

The magnificent night of Isra’ and Meraj is an important part of Islamic faith and history.  Help kids learn about the glorious miracles of this special night and uncover what significance Rasulullah’s journey has on Islam.

Step 1: Research simplified accounts of Isra’ and Meraj that will describe the main events of the journey in a language that is easy for children to understand.

Step 2: Reinforce the main points with an activity.

Be sure your child / student can explain the following questions in their own words:

  1. Who went? and Who did he meet?
  2. What was used as transportation? and What gifts were given to Muslims?
  3. Where were all the places visited?
  4. When did the journey take place?
  5. Why is it a miraculous night?
  6. How long did the entire journey take?


Below is a link to an Isra’ Meraj lapbook posted by a parent on the Muslim Learning Garden Website.  It’s a great activity to help kids reinforce main ideas of the lesson.


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IQRA’ at ISNA Education Forum 2014

By: IQRA’ Staff: 

Thank you to all the participants who joined IQRA’ this year for the Weekend School Seminar at the 2014 ISNA Educational Forum. We appreciate all your kind words and positive reviews of our session – Inshallah we look forward to seeing you again next year! Also as promised, participants will soon receive information on how to obtain videos and material from this year’s session.

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Class is in Session, Teachers Take Your Seats!

As an interesting twist, weekend school teachers were required to swap roles and become students for a day.  A special seminar was dedicated to weekend school educators on Friday April 18, 2014 at the annual ISNA Educational Forum in Rosemont, IL.   Unlike conventional seminars participants of this session walked thru a uniquely interactive learning experience.

The tag team of Dr. Tasneema Ghazi and Sr. Samana Khan of IQRA’ International Educational Foundation put the teachers in the hot seat for once.

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