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Purchased eBooks can be accessed via Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Tablet. And you can also read eBooks from Desktop app for Mac and PC.

Wisdom of Our Prophet (S)

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IQRA eBooks Now Available on iPad iBook Store

You can now read IQRA eBooks on your Apple iPad by purchasing them from iBook Store.

Below is a list of Grade One Muis eBooks which you can buy now:

Aqidah & Fiqh – Grade 1

Sirah & Hadith – Grade 1

Quran Studies – Grade 1


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Download IQRA eBooks on your Amazon Kindle eReader

IQRA eBooks on Kindle

IQRA is working really hard to bring its print books to New eReader devices like Kindle & iPad.

In this effort we have successfully published 11 titles on amazon.com for Kindle eReader device.

These titles are:

Primary Textbooks

Sirah & Hadith

Grade 1 > URL > http://amzn.to/nThlbk

Grade 2 > URL > http://amzn.to/l3e08N

Grade 3 > URL > http://amzn.to/katZYH 

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