Ansar Program

What is the Ansar Program?

Our beloved Prophet (S) has said: “When you die, all of your deeds come to an end, except for three: a charity you left behind; knowledge you taught from which others benefit; and a good child who prays for you and asks forgiveness for you.”

For as little as $10 a month you can fulfill two important parts of this hadith. Your monthly contribution will help educate our young Muslim children as well as provide needed programs for teachers and administrators dedicating their lives to education. Don’t over look your chance to support a cause that brings valuable knowledge to our future ummah! IQRA’ is one of the only organizations in the west that utilizes the combined expertise of scholars and educators to teach our children in detail the teachings Quran, Hadith, Islamic Laws and Practices.

Without the support of Islamic education programs like these, our children run the risk of either losing their close relationship with our din or being educated by inexperienced individuals. IQRA’ was the pioneer organization in the west that ensured our children learn the values of Islamic teachings– now more than a quarter of a century later IQRA’ is working harder than ever to instill the same love and respect for our din as they have done in the past–with our new generation of children.

However, being a non- profit organization we can not do this task alone. IQRA’ needs the help of devoted community members like you.

How Are Donations Used?

With the rapidly changing times of today, IQRA’ needs your help to stay current with the new educational practices of modern students. At IQRA’ we have learned that using traditional methods often times leads students to lose interest in a subject. Your contributions will help IQRA’ to:

  • Revise textbooks to appeal to students today
  • Develop electronic based programs to cater to the new media rich generation (for example developing an online academy, online library, and online textbooks for modern electronic devices)
  • Create live web meetings for concerned parents and teachers
  • Provide online services, materials, and support for weekend school teachers
  • Produce Islamically based academic videos and online homework assistance for students
  • Offer extensive training for Islamic school teachers to help them adapt to the new style of young learners

Remember you can either earn sadaqa jariya (continuous rewards even after we pass along) for contributing to education or be held responsible for not helping to teach our ummah.

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