Teen Reading List

Below is a list of enrichment books recommended for our young adult readers. At IQRA’ we believe reading should be informative and enjoyable. Check out our list of essential Islamic books that make the process of learning Islam interesting and exciting. Keep checking our website for updates and new releases!!


Good Neighbor, is book is filled with morally inspiring true stories of great Islamic scholars, teachers, and outstanding Muslims.

Recommended for readers of all faiths.


The Salary of the Khalifah, is written for upper elementary and junior high reading levels. It narrates stories of some of the very close Sahabah of Rasulullah (s). These popular true stories have inspired generations of Muslims, children and adults alike.

A wonderful gift for young adult readers.

Description: Stores of the Sirah, is an 11-volume set that is stored in beautiful slipcase.  These books contain excellent explanations of selected Hadiths.  The author dedicated time to select only the Sahih Hadiths; with themes that young adults can relate to.

The Boy from Makkah, is a moving story of a young boy who moves to the city of Makkah from his native village in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Yamani’s magical narration takes the reader in the achievements and disappointments of Ahmed’s life until he becomes a young man.


The Essence of Islam, is an anthology based upon the Qur’an, and Hadith.  For IQRA’ Program of Islamic Studies, this volume will serve the purpose of a reference book for students and teachers to study the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith on important and relevant topics.


The First Ones, is a book that tells the heart-warming biographies of those blessed companions of Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him and his family!), who were of the first to accept Islam and stood by his side in the earliest years; including:  ‘Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr, Zaid ibn Haritha, Asma bint Abi Bakr, al-Arqam and many others.


The Khulafa’ Ar-Rashidun, is a fascinating book that tells the stories of the 4 prominent companions of Prophet Muhammad (s) and explains why each Khulafa is such an important part of the Muslim Ummah.


Hearts Have Changed, contains inspirational accounts of those Companions who were at first unreceptive to Islam, but later being to transform beliefs when Allah (swt) opens their hearts to the beautiful messages of Islam.  The accounts include stories of Abu Hurayrah, Abu Sufyan, Tufail ibn Amr and others.


The Loyal Ansar, is a collection of tremendously written biographies encompassing the lives of the dedicated Madinan hosts of Prophet (peace be upon him and his family!) and his Makkan companions. These biographies of the Ansar include Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, Mu’adh ibn Jabal, Umm Imarah, Hudhayfah and many more.


Scholors of Hadith, is a wonderfully written book containing the biographies and works of the important Sunni scholars of Hadith. It presents an extensive and detailed analysis of the work of the great Muhaddithun, bringing their lives into the hearts and minds of readers.

A must for Senior High School students as well as adults.


Those promised Paradise, is a unique book and the first volume in IQRA’s series entitled Stories of the Sahabah as adapted by Mrs. Noura Durkee. This masterfully written book is based on a famous Hadith that explains the promise of Jannah to ten prominent Sahabah, popularly known as Al-‘Ashrah al-Mubashshirah. This volume contains the biographies of twenty-one cherished Sahabah.


Torchbearers of Islam, magnificently describes the biographies of the thirteen Sahabah who carried the message of Islam beyond the Arabian Peninsula. These inspirational stories of the power of Da’wah include the lives of ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas, Fairuz ad-Dailami, Umair ibn Sa’d and many more!

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