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Below is a list of enrichment books from our recommend reading list. In addition, we have provided simple ways to make reading fun in the class or at home. At IQRA’ we believe reading should be informative and enjoyable. Check out our list of essential Islamic books to help make the process of reading exciting for parents, teachers, and our children. Keep checking our website for updates and new releases!!


Al-Khidr is the story of the immortal guide, and his companionship with the Prophet Moses (as). This story, based on Qur’anic accounts, narrates their journey in discovering the deepest truths of the wisdom of God. Recommended for young readers of all faiths.
Alhamdulillah: We Thank Allah, is the second book of its series.  This interactive children’s book is filled with vivid pictures, attractive poems and finger plays.  While reading the poems with your child, let him or her come up with a tune that will turn the poem into a song.  Or use finger puppets to repeat the poems.
Bismillah is the first volume in the IQRA‘ Book of Verse series.  This lovely children’s book introduces Islamic words, concepts, and ideas using educational rhymes to appeal to young children.  To make learning fun, have your child memorize a few of the pages in the book.  Then let your child dress up in full Islamic clothing and video tape your child as he or she repeats the memorized pages.
Dinner Time is a wonderful book that helps children learn many daily dua while eating and drinking by enjoying this easy to relate to story of an American Muslim family.
Grandfather’s Orchard, featured at the American Booksellers Convention, is a heartwarming story of the values and special bond shared by families across generations.  After reading this story, work with your child to make a family tree of at least 3 generations (grandparents, parents, and children).  Explain to your child what a generation is and how your family has stayed the same or changed through each generation.
Islamic Architecture is a masterfully designed coloring book that helps children learn the similarities and differences among various structures of Islamic architecture.  While reading this book have your child compare the structures and point out at least 5 similarities and 5 differences.  Then ask your child to pick his or her favorite structure.  Let your child explain why they chose this structure; then visit your local library to look up more interesting facts on the chosen picture.

Islamic Manners is the perfect book to teach our little ones about proper Islamic Akhlaq while they enjoy coloring.  While reading through the book, practice Islamic manners by playing a game of a pretend dinner party.  See how many of the manners you can use during the game.  Or hang the colored pages around the house / classroom in areas where children should remember to practice their manners.


Masjid Allah is a beautifully designed coloring book that provides teachers and children with a description of Masjids from around the world and their geographical location.  While reading through the book use a map to point out where the Masjids are located in relation to where students live.


Or parents, color a page with your child and encourage their love for Masjids by framing the picture and hanging it in their room.  Frames can also be made at home by decorating the inside of a used cereal box.  Cut a square large enough to glue the colored picture to the frame.  Or visit your local Masjid and have your child draw the Masjid–include a description and its geographical location.


Our Loving Grandparents is a charming story of American Muslim children preserving their contact with their grandparents who live far, far away.  After reading this story to your child, talk about their own grandparents.  Discuss with your child where their grandparents grew up and what life might have been like when they were young.  If your child has a grandparent that lives far away encourage him or her to write a letter or send a drawing.


Rhymes for Muslim Children is a magnificently illustrated book of poetry and songs on the different attributes of Islam.  After reading this story to your children, encourage your kids and other members of your family to write poetry about Allah (swt) in their own words. Then collect them all in an album to share with others.


Three Muslim Festivals is a beautiful book that inspires children to be proud of their Muslim heritage by describing three major celebrations of Islam: Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr, and Eid Al-Adha. The three main characters in this story take readers into their homes to watch each of their families’ holiday preparations and traditions.


After reading this story to your child; talk about your own family’s heritage.  Then encourage your family to work together to make collage of your own holiday practices and traditions.  Decorate an unused vase or empty card board box with paint, photos, or magazine cut outs and display as a centerpiece on your table during the next celebration.

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