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Islamic Studies Aug-NL

IQRA’s core curriculum embraces all the constituent elements of what has traditionally been labeled “Islamic Studies.” This means that its syllabus encompasses the study of the Qur’an, Aqidah, Akhlaq, Fiqh, Sirat un-Nabi, Ulum ul-Hadith, Islamic history and the Arabic language. Furthermore, each of these subjects is taught in separate grade levels (Pre-K to 12) at the appropriate level of understanding. This is an extremely important point, because it’s commonplace for Islamic Studies classes to be taught using books that are not only contextually unsuitable for 21st century Muslim children living in the West, but written far above the readability of a particular age-level, thereby preventing students from digesting and connecting with the goals of instruction. IQRA’s textbooks and workbooks are written and edited by professionally-trained educators who apply uniform readability grids to the instructional material and this allows students to fully absorb and appreciate a lesson’s goal.
Over the last quarter of a century IQRA’ has grown as an institution. We have had the time to learn from our own experiences, to take in fresh and innovative ideas, to see what works and what doesn’t – in other words we possess an expertise that can only come with time.
Our syllabi, as well as textbooks and workbooks, have all been field-tested in a wide range of classrooms, from small community weekend schools to large full-time classrooms at well-established Islamic centers. This is something few competing programs can offer or provide. Given that time is a priceless commodity, especially in schools, the lessons found in IQRA’s textbooks match the number of class periods typically found in one academic year (30 to 33) for Islamic Weekend and Full-time schools. The lesson length is also timed to fit the typical class period’s length, which is from 45 to 50 minutes.
Having totally renovated and revised both the structure of our longstanding curricula as well as the content and graphic design of our textbooks and workbooks, we at IQRA’ are embarking on new projects to produce textbooks and educational materials specifically targeted to weekend/supplementary Islamic schools. We count on your continued support and feedback as we continue to make Islamic education a priority. And in Allah we rely and place our trust!

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  1. Peace be upon you
    I was just wondering that i liked alot your content but the problem it is better for me to have it in Arabic to be easier to teach my kids, so could i ask the sources in arabic or even word documents to make it easier for teaching them

    Thanks In Advance and hope to answer me soon

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