A Very Thankful Thanksgiving Activity

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Submitted by Terri Arain

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving Activity
Looking for some enjoyable crafts to keep the littlest hands in your home busy while you tackle the challenges of a full-production Thanksgiving meal? Put them in charge of decorating the table for your feast! No expensive supplies needed, your children will love to contribute to the family day by getting their creative thinking caps on with these simple activities. They will be counting their blessings in no time, and you will be counting some blessed peace.

Materials Needed

The same materials can be used for both table decorations.

  • Patterns:  (centerpiece) double turkey; (placemat) leaves or single turkey
  • Markers, crayons, color pencils
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Construction paper (optional for centerpiece)
  • Clear contact paper (optional for centerpiece)


Thankful Turkeys Centerpiece

  1. Trace your child’s hand, add the legs and write or have them write “I am thankful for….”
  2. Have the kids write out what they are thankful for on the turkey’s four feathers. (They can write the same or different things on both sides.)
  3. Let the kids decorate their turkeys by coloring in the body and feathers. (If you decide not to use contact paper, adding feathers, sequins, and fabric to the turkeys might be fun.)
  4. Make sure the kids follow the dotted lines to cut out the turkeys. (If you want to leave the legs, don’t forget to trace and cut around them!)
  5. Finally, have them fold the printout on the solid black line and set it on the table. (Tips: For added firmness glue the printout to a piece of construction paper before folding it; or cut out the optional bottom piece, fold on the solid black lines, and glue the flaps to both sides of the printout. For added protection trace over the dotted lines on both turkeys. Next, lay a piece of contact paper on the front side of the printout. The contact paper should overlap the edge of the printout by half an inch. Cut out the turkeys and fold the printout on the solid black line.)

Blessings Placemat

  1. Draw leaves on a plain white piece of pattern.
  2. Have the kids write out a blessing on each leaf in marker.
  3. Let the kids color the leaves. (The kids only need to color the side they wrote on.)
  4. Make sure the kids follow the lines as they cut out each leaf.
  5. Encourage the kids to write a title for their placemat on the piece of construction paper. (For example: “I am thankful for . . . ” or “My Blessings”)
  6. Have the kids glue the leaves to either side of the construction paper. (Preferred paper size is 9×12.)
  7. Cut out a piece of clear contact paper so that it overlaps the edge of the construction paper by half an inch. Place the construction paper onto the contact paper. Repeat the process so that both sides of the construction paper are covered and the contact paper is sealed; then trim the edges. (Optional: A placemat can also be made using the single turkey pattern.)

I hope you enjoy making these crafts.  Making placemats was one of my children’s activities that I loved the most.  We still have my 8 year-old daughter’s placemat that she made in preschool.  Teaching children to thank Allah for all things prepares them to trust Him in the future.

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