Simple Ways to Make Eid Special for Your Kids

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By: Samana Khan 

Eid ul-Fitr is a joyous time to celebrate the completion of the Holy Month Ramadan.  Allah (swt) expects us to make this occasion special by celebrating with prayer and share food with family, friends, and the needy.

This year go the extra step to encourage your kids to appreciate this special holiday.  Make your Eid even more memorable by starting new family traditions! Here are simple ways to make Eid extra special for your kids: 


  1. Decorate Your Home: Purchase block letters from the craft store that spell out an Eid Greeting, paint them with your family, and display.  Or use foam or thick cardboard and cut out crescent shapes then decorate with ribbon or twine – hang using mess free hooks.


  1. Eid Baskets: Eid doesn’t have to last only one day – use the next day to make Eid baskets for relatives, teachers, or the Imam of your masjid. Include sweet treats, a small gift, and a handwritten Dua’ from your family.


  1. Eid Bake-Off: Get together with friends and bake sweet treats like cakes, cookies, or halal rice crispy treats – then pack in decorative boxes to share with neighbors. Or make an edible masjid using gram crackers, icing, and gum drops, licorice, and hard candy.


  1. Family Outing: Create a tradition your entire family will look forward to.  After spending Eid Day visiting relatives use the upcoming weekend to have an Eid outing.  Suggestions: pajama party with cousins, simple backyard picnic, a day at the beach, have fun ice-skating, or go out for breakfast.


  1. Ice Cream Social: Invite neighbors and friends for an outdoor ice cream party. Provide guests with different types of ice creams like Sundays with fun toppings, ice cream sandwiches, or popsicles.  Have your kids create simple flyers that explain the importance of Eid for non-Muslims.


  1. Toy Drive: Work with your local Islamic Center to setup a toy drive for needy children. Then have kids wrap the gifts and deliver to a shelter.


  1. Special Visits: Spend time with the elderly or with children in a hospital.  Read stories, bring small gifts, Eid cards, or sweet treats.


  1. Family Fun: Nothing says fun like a little friendly competition.  Get relatives together and have an Eid Card Competition – as a prize find a trophy that can be passed from home to home with the winner.  Or start a story telling challenge.  Give each family a chance to create an Eid story the share with the group – vote on the best story.  If competition is not your thing then start a family gift grab bag. Each person is responsible to buy only one gift based on a pre-set amount.  Or read an Eid story book out loud to your children.


What ever tradition you choose be sure to remind kids that the activity is in honor of Eid, share a simple Islamic lesson during the activity, and be sure to continue the tradition every year!

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