Ramadan Family Fun

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Here are some fun ways to create excitement for your kids

by working together on Ramadan activities.

Ramadan Cookies: Bake Ramadan cookies with your kids using a sugar cookie recipe.  Use either a crescent cookie cutter or make a crescent shape by rolling the dough into small circles and cut each circle in half using only half of a circle cookie cutter.  Decorate the cookies with frosting and sprinkles, then package in boxes with fancy ribbon.  These make great Ramadan gifts for friends, family, teachers, and neighbors.  (also try decorating cakes and cupcakes)

Ramadan Lanterns: Decorate your home with a string of Ramadan Lanterns. Click here to learn how!

Sweet Masjid: Work as a family to build a Masjid out of edible items.  Use graham crackers, cookies, candy, and frosting.  Then enjoy during iftar.

Qur’an Challenge: With out using the table of contents or index, be the first to find an ayah about Ramadan in the Qur’an.  Or set the timer for 10 min. and find as many ayah’s as you can in the given time.  The person who has found the most ayaah’s that no one else in the group has found wins.  Then spend time reciting the ayaah’s and discussing its meaning.

Family Volunteering: Find ways in which you and your family can help others.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen, put together packages of food and supplies for needy families, run a book and toy drive for kids, raise money and donate to a local charity, provide an iftar at your local mosque.  Look online or talk to community members to find out how you can get involved.

Good Deed Chart: make a family chart and post in a central area of the house.  Place a gold sticker on each person’s chart every time an activity is complete. Reward the winner.

Click to Print-Ramadan Good Deed Chart

Surah Club: give each member of the family a surah to memorize.  At the end of the week test each other to see how well each has memorized the surah.  Let the person who has done the best choose his or her favorite meal for iftar or dinner.

Ramadan Reading: Spend time with your little one by reading special Ramadan books.

Ramadan Greeting Cards: make Ramadan or Eid cards to share with family and friends. Include a hadith or ayah of the Qur’an on Ramadan.  Jazz up your cards with glitter, ribbon, or a pop-up message inside.

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