Teach It Your Way With Iqra’s New Program Of Islamic Studies!

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IQRA’ is proud to unveil its brand new thoroughly revised system of Islamic studies that covers grades 1 through 6. Our new books are designed to capture the attention of students with their imaginative age-appropriate text, inspirational presentation and full, vividly colored layout.
These 12 new textbooks and workbooks cover provide young readers with a complete and comprehensive introduction to Sirah & Hadith (the life and teachings of the Prophet) as well as ‘Aqidah (beliefs), Fiqh (rules & ritual) and Akhlaq (manners). A unique aspect of IQRA’s program is that it publishes separate textbooks for each subject, rather than doing what other textbooks do: cramming everything into one book. Although it may not be apparent at first glance, there’s a well-throughout rationale behind why IQRA’ does this: and that reason’s flexibility. We understand that not every Islamic school is the same. There are vast differences between weekend schools and full-time schools, between small communities with a handful of students and large communities, whose classrooms are bursting at the seams. IQRA’s strategy allows schools to pick and choose the books it requires to fill its own needs. Not every school, for instance, may have the time to devote large blocks of time to Sirah, or to Islamic history. So instead of spending money on textbooks that will not fully be used — which means, of course, a waste of valuable community funds — IQRA’ allows schools to tailor fit their programs to their specific needs. If a school only needs a textbook for Qur’anic studies, you don’t have to spend a fortune buying a 300 page book that you’ll only need 50 pages of. With IQRA’ you can, basically, TEACH IT YOUR WAY!

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