Tips for Hajj

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List of Do’s and Don’ts when Planning Your Trip this Year



Do’s for Hajj:.


.1. Study how to perform Hajj & Umrah well in advance before you go, (Do NOT rely on others to help you as you may get separated)

2. Know the Fiqh of Hajj / Umrah (especially the rules of Ihraam) before you leave.

3. Learn the Fiqh of praying a Janaza (funeral prayer). You will be doing it after every single prayer.

4. Use your time wisely – Do dhikr, du’aa, recite Qur’aan (Do NOT waste time shopping or purchasing gifts).

5. Prepare yourself for a lot of walking.  Practice walking daily (weeks before you leave for your trip).

6. Bring a lot of medicine Tylenol, aspirin, Theraflu, Tums, Pepto Bismol, Midol, Chapstick, throat spray, Vaseline—You or someone      in your group will most probably get sick.

7. Know some Arabic words. Or take a pocket size translator.  Most people near Haram only speak Arabic and sometimes Urdu.

8. Wear comfortable footwear. (Do NOT purchase fancy sandals as they will most likely get lost or taken by mistake). Keep an extra pair of sandals.

9. Always have drinking water as you may become dehydrated. Avoid tap water and eating raw vegetables.

10. For traveling between Mina, Muzdalifa, `Arafat and Makkah, you will need a small to medium lightweight suitcase that is easy to carry. A backpack is ideal. Anything larger is going to be difficult for you to carry around.

11. Be very careful to stay within the specific boundaries during the days of Hajj, especially `Arafah – overstepping them may affect the correctness of your Hajj.

12. Rest the night of Muzdalifah because the following day will be busy.

13. Observe landmarks when going out so you can find your way back.

14. Arrange a meeting place with your group in case you get lost.

15. Keep phone numbers of your hotel/flat and group leader with you whenever you go out.

16. Bring some snack food like granola bars, goldfish, dried fruit. It is possible to get stuck for hours on a bus during heavy traffic.

17. When walking in the sun carry a small umbrella to limit heat exhaustion.

18. Try to give as much charity as you can.  Many will agree that it is best to give to the cleaners / workers in the Haram.

19. Remember the purpose of your trip. Do your BEST to stay calm and not get angry. (With millions of people there at one time, all in a state of concentration you will get pushed around.)

20. Drink as much ZamZam as you can.

Don’ts for Hajj:.

1. Don’t go out alone on the Days of Hajj as it is very easy to get lost. Always inform someone in the group when you are going out and when you expect to return.

2. Carry your ID and cash with you at all times. Try not to use credit cards.

3. Do NOT keep all your money in one place in case it gets stolen.  Try not to bring valuables with you, but if you do keep them in the hotel safe.

4. DO NOT LEAVE ANY BELONGINGS ON ANY BUS AT ANYTIME. No matter what they say, you may not find the same bus again and many people permanently lost their belongings this way.

5. DO NOT bring a lot of clothes. All you really need is 3-4 jilbabs – and a few clothes underneath that you can mix and match. Bring enough socks and under-garments. You can always wash clothes if you have to.

6. Do not try to pick anything up if you have dropped it around large crowds, as you can run the risk of getting trampled. If you wear spectacles secure with spectacle cord


1. Secure your belongings (dua’ books, prayer rugs, shoes) in a drawstring canvas bags that can be worn as a backpack or a sling around your shoulder. Keep plastic bags for your shoes.

2. The best times to visit the Haram of Makkah, to do tawaf, saiyy, ibadah and to try to touch the black stone is from 1AM until Fajr and from about an hour after Fajr until 9am. These timings tend to have the least crowds.

3. When doing Umrah for the first time it is often helpful to write out all the steps and required supplications on a piece of paper and carry with you. (searching through books can be difficult during the rush)

4. If you do decide to buy gifts make a list of people and gift ideas in advance so you don’t waste time. Possible gift suggestions:

  • Qur’an
  • Dates
  • Zamzam water
  • Tasbeehs
  • Hijabs & Jilbabs
  • Prayer Rugs / Prayer rugs for kids
  • Jewelry
  • Metal work (tea sets etc)
  • Incense  and Incense holders
  • Ithar, Perfumes & Decorative Ithar bottles
  • Thobes
  • Kufis
  • Compass to find the Khiblah
  • Books
  • Islamic CD’s
  • Islamic Art



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