Essential Items for Hajj

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                                                          What You Should Be Packing for Your Journey

Clothes / Shoes

Ihram (3 yard length and 60 inch with in hand luggage) An extra Ihram can come in handy

2 or 3 Jilbabs (at least one in hand luggage)

2 pairs of sandals (in hand luggage)

Only a few outfits. Travel light, you can wash your clothes there

Plenty of undergarments

Ihram belt (waist pouch)

Light weight sweater or shawl that can also be used as an extra blanket during Muzdalifah



Miswaak  / toothbrush / toothpaste

Plastic squeeze bottle for the bathroom



Roll of paper towel and toilet paper

Small scissors (check into luggage)

Soap (non scented)

Q-Tips small box

Lotion (non scented) Vaseline

Extra Contacts / Case/ Solution  or Glasses with Chord


Sunscreen (non scented)

Deodorant (non scented)

Rubberbands / Hair clips to keep your hair tied back

Women: sanitary supplies (often needed because of extreme heat)

Antibacterial gel or wipes (non scented)


Blood Pressure Kit (if you are Hypertensive)

Glucometer, Ice packs (for insulin), glucose tablets, needle disposal (if you are Diabetic)

Tylenol / Advil


Sinus medicine (if you have allergies)

Chloraseptic  Throat Spray

Pepto Bismal / Tums (for upset stomach)


Your personal prescription medicine clearly labeled

Other Useful Items

Prayer Rug and Qur’an

Book on Hajj and pocket size Du’a Book

Disposable cups and plates

Pen and scrap paper

Folding Umbrella


Flash light

Pouch for your documents / light weight backpack (to carry important items) / plastic bag to carry your shoes

Photo copy of all your documents, passport and ID (keep with you and in separate bags)

Extra Cash (exchange after you get there)


Large and small safety pins for Ihram and hijaab

Map of Hajj related areas

Non perishable snacks (granola bars, goldfish cracker, dried fruit and nuts)

Small light weight thermos for water

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