7 Week Quran Class by Prof. Omer Mozaffar – Part 1

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Prof. Omer Mozaffar

IQRA’ International Educational Foundation is offering a popular course taught by Prof. Omer Mozaffar, who is a member of IQRA’s Program Development Committee.  The title is “Connecting to Allah” through the Qur’an.  The purpose of this course is to connect the believer with the central themes in Islam.

Mozaffar was raised in the Chicago area and now teaches Islamic studies at University of Chicago and Loyola University.  He stated on the first day of class that when he was a college student, it was hard to find knowledge.  There were very few books and very few teachers.  Now, there are many teachers and many books, but we have a new problem.  Today’s common Muslim High School student has more knowledge than even college students from twenty years ago, but today’s young Muslim does not know how to use that knowledge. This problem has led to multiple spiritual illnesses in the Muslim community.

The goal of IQRA’s course is to help the Muslim develop a strong foundation in understanding the religion, and to start answering the challenging questions of the era we live in.  Students have found this course to be very important for their personal connection to Allah.  They have found the course to provide great benefit in understanding how to be effective Muslims in today’s world.

It has long been IQRA’s goal to provide quality, beneficial education for the Muslims, and this new course is a new step in this direction.



Sept. 19 to October 31



Connecting to Allah through the Quran


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