Download IQRA eBooks on your Amazon Kindle eReader

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IQRA eBooks on Kindle

IQRA is working really hard to bring its print books to New eReader devices like Kindle & iPad.

In this effort we have successfully published 11 titles on for Kindle eReader device.

These titles are:

Primary Textbooks

Sirah & Hadith

Grade 1 > URL >

Grade 2 > URL >

Grade 3 > URL > 

Quranic Studies

Grade 1 > URL >

Grade 2 > URL >

Grade 3 > URL >

Aqidah & Fiqh

Grade 1 > URL >

Grade 2 > URL >

Grade 3 > URL >

The Life of Perfection > URL >

A Boy from Makkah > URL >

Torch-Bearers of Islam (Stories of the Sahabah) > URL >

Those Promised Paradise (Stories of the Sahabah)   > URL > 


SPECIAL NOTE: Read Kindle eBooks without Kindle Device!

One of many good things about Kindle eReader is that if you don’t even have this device, you can still read & enjoy kindle eBooks on your PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android Device, Blackberry & Windows Phone 7 devices.

Find out how to do this by visiting this page  > URL >

Free Reading Apps for Kindle eBooks

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  1. Assalmualaykum,

    When are you going to make the rest of the “Stories of the Sahabah” series availble on Kindle? It has been a year and a half; please provide this soon.

    Thank you.

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