Appreciating Our Mothers

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Fun Islamic School Crafts, Activities, and Projects

To Show Appreciation for Mom

Lower Elementary: Tea Time – Help mom rest and relax with a nice cup of tea.

What you will need:

• Teapot Printout (download below)

• Crayons

• Scissors

• Poem (read below)

• Glue

• Magnet Backing (should be sticky on one side and magnetic on the other)

• Hole punch

• One tea bag

• Small piece of ribbon

• Cardstock (optional) – to make the craft more sturdy you can mount the template on card stock before cutting.


1. Printout the teapot template

2. Color the teapot

3. Carefully cutout the teapot (including the inside part of the handle)

4. In the center of the teapot write (or printout and paste) the poem

5. On backside apply magnet strip to the teapot (use scotch tape to secure the ends of the magnet strip)

6. Punch a small hole in the teabag wrapper

7. Use ribbon to tie the teabag to the teapot handle

Link: Mother Appreciation Craft_ Teapot template

Poem: By Samana Khan

My Mom is special

My Mom is sweet

My Mom has heaven under her feet

I Love her like I love no other

Thank you Allah for my mother


Craft From:


Upper Elementary: Herb Caterpillar – Give mom her own indoor garden.

What you will need:

• 6 eggshells

• Egg carton

• Paint (Green, Red, and black)

• Paint brush

• Googley Eyes

• Red Pipe-cleaners (optional)

• 6 Cotton balls

• 6 tsp. Cress Seeds

• 6 tsp. water



1. Save 6 eggshells (carefully remove the tops and rinse with warm soapy water)

2. When dry paint eggshells green

3. Cut 6 cups from the egg carton and Paint Green

4. After eggshells have dried Paint Red Polka Dots on 5 Shells

5. On one eggshell glue googley eyes, paint a red nose, and paint a black smile (add polka dots to face if desired)

6. Glue the 6 cardboard cups in a wavy line (using PVA glue)

7. When all the shells are dry place one eggshell into each cardboard cup

8. Place one cotton ball into each eggshell

9. Using a spoon pour 1 tsp. cress seeds on top of each cotton ball

10. Pour 1 tsp. water over cress seeds and cotton ball in each eggshell

11. Cover the shells until seeds begin to germinate

12. (Optional – curl 2 red pipe cleaners to make the caterpillar’s antennas and place into the front shell


* Cress Care: Don’t let the cotton dry out. Add a little water every other day. The cress takes about a week to grow (you may see results as early as 3 days), then just snip it, wash it, and enjoy!

Craft From:

Grades 7th and Up – Research, Compare, and Share

Link – Graphic Organizer: Mother Appreciation_Biography Organizer

Link – Graphic Organizer: Mother appreciation_ Dear Mom

Research: Noble Mothers in Islam: When taking the time to honor your own mother it is important to also spend time to honor the noble mothers of Islam. Use the biography graphic organizer to research detailed information on one of the 4 Great Women / Mothers of Islam.

1. Asiya (R) – Though she was the wife of the greatest tyrant Pharaoh and the Queen of Egypt she was willing to sacrifice everything for the love of Allah (swt).

2. Mariam (R) – Is known as one of the most pious women of Islam. She dedicated her life to serving Allah (swt). For this reason she was blessed with one of the greatest Miracles of all time.

3. Khadijah (R) – Is known as one of the most noble women in the world. Being the wife of Rasulullah (S) she was the first woman to accept Islam.

4. Fatima (R) – Is the beloved daughter of Rasulullah (S) and Khadija (R). She is an example for all men, women, and children. She was a devoted daughter, pure and pious woman, and amazing mother.

What to do:

1. Pick one of the 4 Greatest Women / Mothers listed above and fill and conduct research on their lives and contributions using books, Quran and Hadith, and accepted internet articles.

2. Fill out the graphic organizer (see link below) with the details found


Compare: Use the Dear Mom, graphic organizer to fill out information about your own mom.


Share: Share both your findings on important mothers in Islam and your thoughts on your own mother with your mom.

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