IQRA’ and Helping Hand USA

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Helping Hand's team with Dr Abidullah Ghazi

IQRA’ International Educational Foundation was pleased to host visitors from the relief organization Helping Hand USA on Sunday, March 27th. The Helping Hand USA team had gathered in Chicago over the weekend for their annual organization assembly.

The visitors began to arrive at 5:30 in the evening and they were greeted by IQRA’s executive director, the esteemed Dr. Abidullah Ghazi. Following a brief tour of the IQRA’ facilities Dr. Ghazi shared IQRA’s vision and mission of worldwide Islamic Education with the guests. He also briefed them on the progress of IQRA’s current projects, which include a revamping of the entire program of Islamic education as well as online development and outreach. Dr. Ghazi discussed the common challenges that both Helping Hand USA and IQRA’ share, including the need for more financial support and involvement from the community.


Following Dr. Ghazi’s introduction, IQRA’s director of program development, Dr. Tasneema K. Ghazi, gave an expressive overview of IQRA’s program of Islamic Studies and why it has been so effective over the last quarter of a century. The guests listened attentively as she went over the basic features of IQRA’s textbooks, workbooks, manuals and teachers’ training programs. Both of these presentations were followed by a question and answer session during which IQRA’ general manager, Hafiz Ikhlas, fielded a number of pertinent questions in regards to both domestic and overseas ventures in Islamic education and outreach. Each of these questions was adequately answered and all involved were convinced that IQRA’ has played a leading role in the area for years.

Following the discussion Mr. Rashid Ghazi introduced his documentary film “Fordson – Football, Faith and Fasting,” which is soon to be released into the mainstream. One and all enjoyed the movie and congratulated Mr. Ghazi for both his investment in time, money and dedication.

Having been so cordially received, Helping Hand president Dr. Farrukh Raza (New Jersey) and his team (which included Mr. Mahboob Hassan, Mr. Shahid Hayat and Mr. Ishrat Azizur Rahman, Mr. Athar Sohail, Mr. Mohammed Asif, and Ms. Nuzhat Jawed) thanked Dr. Ghazi and the staff of IQRA’ for their tremendous dedication and devotion to the cause of Islamic education and looked forward to organizational collaboration in the future.

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  1. Rahmath Begum says:

    Assalam alai kum,

    I am an MBA graduate and was looking for a website which can help me with the further education thats when i happen to get into the website of IQRA.

    I would like to say it was a beautiful gathering that happened. I would like to congratulate my brothers and sisters involved in getting the mission of IQRA successfull.

    May Allah (SWT) accept our Duah towards to the success of this beautiful foundation AAMEEN!!!! and take it to the heights where Dr. Abidullah Ghazi sahab has aimed for.

    Request you to Duah for me and my family.


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