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Dr Abdul Waheed Fakhri passed away.

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Pakistan Abroad and Urdu Times is Praying for him that

“May Allah accept him. May he forgive his shortcoming and put him in the best place possible. Ameen”


With great sorrow and deep sadness it is announced that Dr Abdul Wahid Fakhri one of the founding figures of IQRA International Educational Foundation Passed away on February 21stDr. Fakhri was one the most prominent Muslim educators of North America and played a pivotal role in establishing, community centers, educational institutions, conducting teacher’s training, offer consultations without ever asking remuneration or favor.


Dr. Abidullah Ghazi Executive Director of IQRA’ expressed his deepest sorrow for losing as he put it, ‘my dear friend, guide and philosopher. Dr. Ghazi said, ” The loss of Dr. Fakhri would be felt far and wide and within United States there are hundreds of people who would describe their intimate relations and tell stories of his services to the community.


Dr. Ghazi was fortunately with him two nights ago as his last journey began, he says Dr. Fakhri was composed, reconciled and at peace as if waiting for the moment. He with the help of Dr. Ghazi continued to make Zikr and listen to the Qur’an. He was mostly unconscious during the last weeks but last week he woke up and called Maulana Abdullah Saleem and asked him, “Is today first of Ramadan.” Maulana was surprised by his call as he knew he had been unconscious for weeks. Maulana replied, “We are in Rabi al-Awwal now.” “But I have made the intention of the Ramdan Fast.” Said Dr. Fakhri. Maulana congratulated him saying, “MashaAllah, May Allah accept it.” Dr. Ghazi heard this episode from Maulana, knowing Dr. Fakhri’s special enthusiasm for Ramadan, and remarked “It was the beginning of sacred journey of Dr. Fakhri to the timeless zone where there are blessings of Ramadan forever.”


Dr. Muhammad Abdul Waheed Fakhri Was born into a religiously observant family from Jalandhar, East Punjab. He received his higher education in Pakistan (Punjab University) and in the USA (University of Michigan), where he combined in his character deep personal piety, professional skill, and excellence of scholarship, traits which he continued to display to the very end of his life. He worked as a professor of curriculum and administration at the Chicago State University, and passed his rich experience to the community without demanding compensation or desiring recognition.


Dr. Fakhri was the founding president, chairman and member of many organizations which he directed to success, such as Muslim Community Center of Chicago, the Association of Muslim Social Scientists and theMadrasah Taclīm al-Islām, among many others. However, his most enduring contribution to the field of Islamic education comes through his leadership as the founding chairman of IQRA’ International Educational FoundationIQRA’ completed its comprehensive program of Arabic and Islamic Studies and initiated many new projects while under his guidance, which are shaping the discipline of Islamic education worldwide.


The Board of Directors of IQRA’ International Educational Foundation, its staff, all of the Ansars of IQRA’and community at large would remember the contributions that Dr. Fakhri made to Islamic education. We pray that Allah will take into account the debt of gratitude of all of the young believers who benefitted from his tireless efforts and work. We also pray that he will receive the heartening intercession of the Prophet (S) whom he loved so dearly while among us. May Allah grant sabr to his wife, children and the family Ameen.


The janazah prayer held for Dr. Fakhri at the Islamic Foundation of Villa Park, February 23rd, 2011 at 12:30. His funeral will be prepared at the Albanian Center St Charles Road by Mufti Haroon Firdausi and Mufti Salman Firdausi, both Muftis knew him from infancy. He will be buried according to his own desire to be closest to Maulana Naeem sahib and Madrasa Talim ul-Islam of which, he was a founding member, in the graveyard across the Madrasah, Bluff City, Elgin.


We request that you recite Surah al-Fatihah for the soul of Dr. Muhammad Abdul Waheed Fakhri and remember him and his family in your dua .

Pakistan Abroad and Urdu Times is Praying for him that  May Allah accept him. May he forgive his shortcoming and put him in the best place possible. Ameen


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