Memories of Dr. Fakhri

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Letter to Her Parents Drs. Abidullah and Tasneema Ghazi

on the Loss of their Dear Friend and Colleague

Dear Abba,

Salaam.  Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un. I wanted to express my condolences to you at the loss of such a dear friend, colleague and collaborator.  I have so many memories of Uncle Fakhry’s kindness, enthusiasm and support for my spiritual and intellectual endeavors, and I always felt glad to know that he was there as a supporter, administrator and steward of your shared aspirations for IQRA.  I was deeply moved that you called me yesterday, the very day of his passing, to share the  news and your experience with him.


I am grateful that you were at his side, that he was lucid, and that you shared those precious words of tawhid in the last precious moments of his life.  To have been with Mehry, Babajoon Azarm and recently my beloved Laura, praying in the barzakh between the worlds has been a cherished experience for me. May we all leave in serenity and with our loved ones whispering and witnessing by our sides.


Please express my hearfelt love and duaen to Auntie, Nabeela, Daisy, Javed and the grandchildren.  He was a monumental figure and loving family man.  May they find comfort in knowing that one day inshallah in that place where all our conversing will be rich in the plenitude of authentic connection.




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