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Subhanallah School is Back!!!

Parenting tips to support your child’s learning

IQRA’ hopes that you and your child had a wonderful summer.  Here are some simple ways to help your kids complete another successful school year.

Make morning time meaningful.

Give yourself enough time to help your kids get ready in the mornings and reduce the tension of being late.  Eat breakfast with your children and encourage them to have a good day at school.  Provide a healthy and filling breakfast to help your kids focus.  Click on the links below for suggestions.

Ready Set Breakfast
10 Healthy Kids Breakfast Recipes

Get Involved.

  • Offer to be a volunteer at your child’s school. With recent budget cut backs, teachers and schools can use all the help they can get.
  • Work together with other parents to raise money to purchase much needed supplies for the classroom.  (Ask the teacher what is needed before purchasing).

Stay Connected.

  • Talk to your child’s teacher immediately if you see a problem.  Ask the teacher for tips to help your child at home or for copies of worksheets for extra practice.  Be sure to send a thank you card or email from time to time to let the teacher know you appreciate their hard work.
  • Attend conferences, parent meetings, and school events regularly.
  • Eat dinner as a family and ask your child about his or her day at school.  Refrain from asking questions that have one word responses. “What did you learn at school today?” “Nothing.” Instead, ask questions that encourage your children to express themselves. “Tell me something funny that happened at school today.” or “Tell me one thing you learned today that you didn’t know before.”

Get Organized.

  • Spend a few minutes everyday looking over handouts your youngster brings home.  Fill out Forms to return the next day.
  • Keep a calendar in a visible area like the fridge to keep track of important dates such as field trips, class parties, quizzes, tests, projects, and school events.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to help your child study for a test or complete a project.  Start preparing the day it is assigned.  Getting an early start will reduce mistakes, reduce stress, and will teach your child not to procrastinate as they get older.

Create a Routine.

1. Provide a healthy snack for your child when he or she returns home.

10 Super Yummy After School Snacks

Top 10 Nutritious Snacks and Beverages for Kids

2. Let them rest for 30 to 40 minutes then help them get started on their homework (encourage playing outside instead of watching t.v.). Releasing energy after staying seated all day helps children focus.

3. Provide a clean and quiet work area free of distractions from television, phone calls, and younger siblings.

4. Assist your child with assignments without doing the assignment for them.

5. Be sure to include 20 minutes of Qur’an time with your child everyday.

6. If your child starts to get restless while doing his or her homework give them a 15 minute break.

7. Make sure your child is getting enough sleep at night.  Research shows that the amount a child sleeps can have a big affect on their temperament, behavior, alertness, and ability to learn. Click below to view a recommended sleeping chart.

Sleep time by age

Treat all Schools Equally.

Apply the same practices and routines for your youngster’s weekend Islamic school to show them the importance of Islamic education.

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