IQRA’ Annual Dinner

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IQRA’ Celebrates 27 years

of Educational Service

The world-renowned IQRA’ International Educational Foundation celebrated at their annual dinner on Sunday May, 23, 2010 another successful year of providing Islamic educational services and resources to students, educators, and parents.  The program highlighted IQRA’s progress and change over the last twenty seven years.  Attendees reminisced over IQRA’s contributions to the community thus far and learned of the new projects that IQRA’ is working to complete over the next few years.

Prominent community leaders such as Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Dr. Safaa Zarzour, and Imam Abdullah Madyun, who represent the true diversity of our Muslim community in America, opened our eyes to many new issues in education as well as the urgent need for quality instructional endeavors.  Dr. Safaa Zarzour was quoted by the ISNA Newsletter in saying,

“I am here (at the IQRA’ Annual Dinner) for two reasons: one because of my tremendous respect and admiration for the selfless and vital work of Dr. Abidullah and Dr. Tasneema Ghazi; and, because of ISNA’s commitment to support those organizations that perform a crucial role in building and strengthening the Muslim community, such as IQRA’.”

Many generous supporters donated funds to help IQRA’ continue with its ongoing projects of developing new Islamic books for children, providing free textbooks to needy children, and delivering educational support services for fulltime and weekend Islamic schools. Funds were raised to help IQRA’ reach its new goals of revising school curriculum and textbooks in order to meet the needs of today’s students, developing an online academy and library specifically designed for Islamic educators, and improving our community relations through interfaith actions.

IQRA’ leaders stressed that these much-needed projects cannot be completed without the support of our Muslim community. IQRA’ is calling on 5,000 ansar to step forward and donate as little as $10 a month to help IQRA’ in the opening phases of these new projects.  Thanks to the many individuals at the annul dinner who agreed to make a monthly contribution IQRA’ is well on its way to achieving its goals.

IQRA’s executive director, Dr. Abidullah Ghazi said, “I am very thankful to Allah for helping IQRA’ succeed in achieving its mission, and I much indebted to our many generous ansar who opened up their hearts to continually support IQRA’s effort.  However, in order to achieve our goals IQRA’ needs 5,000 dedicated individuals who are willing to pledge a small monthly contribution.”

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The evening concluded with a presentation of awards in service to Islamic education honoring Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi as well as Dr. and Mrs. Bashir Chowdhry from Las Vegas. Dr. Chowdhry also agreed to match in a single donation the funds collected at this year’s dinner.

IQRA’ would like to give special thanks to Shaykh Nasser Taleb Hussein Hussein and Dr. Quadir Hussain Khan for their beautiful tilawat, Mr. Rashid Ghazi for sharing his Documentary Trailer on “Football and Salat,” and the many guests who came to support the foundation and its mission. We look forward to seeing you again at our next dinner.

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